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Youth Biz Academy

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2022 Events:


Children's Business Fair

El Paso

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Ponder Park

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Youth Biz Academy (YBA) is a Texas Nonprofit Corporation with a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status, that serves youth 6-18 year old (Kidpreneurs). The YBA is an interactive way (In-Person or Virtual/Hybrid Events) to make sure kids get involved in business, in ways that are simple, fun, creative and safe.

The YBA's Vision is to serve and impact 10,000 kidpreneurs in the next 10 years from the El Paso region. Our donors also help us to subsidize youth from At-Risk and Refugee communities.

The philosophy behind YBA is simple. The future of our children begins with us! Most people say, "It's too late." YBA says, "It's never too early". The benefits for an early introduction to the basic principles and infinite rewards of entrepreneurship are massive. YBA has managed to break down otherwise difficult concepts into fun bites that children can easily enjoy.

All children share the inalienable right to become financially independent, whether rich or poor, city or suburb. Sharpening a child's entrepreneurial skills will equip them with the skills necessary to tackle a limitless future. There is no reason it cannot start at an earlier age. YBA puts the power into the hands and minds of the future.

YBA Founder: Larry Stelley (President)


Paul Dean Cyr: Secretary

Marie Otero: Treasurer


To Our YBA Kidpreneurs:

"Grow, grow, become all you can be."

Youth Biz Academy is committed to preparing a new generation of forward-thinking youth to tackle whatever challenges the future may hold. Through a series of classes and projects with a focus on business and entrepreneurship, kids develop and apply foundational skills that will last a lifetime.