El Paso Youth Entrepreneurship Advocacy Network

*Information for “Building Community Support” section of the Toolkit was adapted from the Community Toolbox at http://ctb.ku.edu. 

Creating an El Paso Youth Entrepreneurship Advocacy Network can be an exciting and impactful endeavor. By following these steps, we can establish a ecosystem foundation for our network and start making a difference in our community:

Remember, creating an advocacy network requires dedication, perseverance, and ongoing commitment. It's a journey that will evolve and grow as you gain experience and make an impact. Stay connected with your network members and continuously nurture the entrepreneurial ecosystem in El Paso.

Thank you for your interest. Join us as an advocate of the continued development and growth of youth entrepreneurship in El Paso.

 Advocacy Network Member - Larry Stelley  Founder/President Youth Biz Academy

For more advocacy information: info@youthbizacademy.org      915-346-3401