Top Five Reasons Why Youth are Interested in Entrepreneurship

Independence and Flexibility: One of the primary reasons why youth are interested in entrepreneurship is because it allows them to be their own boss and have control over their own schedule. They can work from anywhere, set their own hours, and be in charge of their own success.

Opportunity for Innovation: Young people are often full of fresh ideas and are not afraid to take risks. Entrepreneurship provides a platform for them to turn these ideas into reality and create something new and innovative.

Potential for High Financial Returns: Entrepreneurs have the potential to earn a lot of money if their business succeeds. Young people are attracted to the possibility of financial success and the freedom that it can provide.

Making a Positive Impact: Many young people are interested in entrepreneurship because it allows them to make a positive impact on the world. They can create products or services that solve problems and improve people’s lives.

Personal Growth and Development: Starting a business requires a lot of hard work, determination, and resilience. Many young people are interested in entrepreneurship because it provides an opportunity for personal growth and development, as they learn new skills and overcome challenInvesting in an organization that supports youth entrepreneurship (by giving your time, resources, and/or money) is a great way to start. 

A recent Gallup poll of 70,000 U.S. 5th through 12th graders showed that 77% of students said that they want to be their own boss, 45% plan to start their own business, and 42% believed they would, “invent something that changes the world.” Heck yeah!

And the examples of young entrepreneurs impacting the way the world operates seems to grow daily. Zappos was founded by Nick Swinmurn when he was in his twenties. Jake Nickell and Jacob DeHart, founders of the innovative t-shirt company Threadless, were barely out of their teens when they founded the enterprise. The list goes on, including popular online apps like Hootsuite (founded by Ryan Holmes) and Paperless Post (founded by siblings Alexa and Hirschfeld). What would the world be without the innovation of youth?